Integrated management of company training through a complete, fast and performing tool.

The management of the training activity is facilitated by the software that proposes the main steps of the training process:

  • Training Catalog: it is the library in which all the training proposals are inserted and archived to be evaluated and inserted in the successive phases of the course.
  • Training Campaign: it is the proposal of a training plan that is elaborated with the contribution of the involved company functions that offer courses from the catalog.
  • Training plan: represents the implementation phase of the campaign and defines the activities in its entirety.
  • Training Event: it is the basic element of the module and defines the essential elements of each single course such as: training event category, training modalities, organizer type, funding institution, associated ECM credits (for Healthcare companies)
  • Edition: collects the specific characteristics of each course as an internal number, place of development, duration, participants, minimum attendance percentage, tools for checking attendance and learning …
  • Reporting: summarizes, at various levels of detail, the training activities included in the system.

For the specific needs of the Healthcare market, the module provides for the management of ECM Credits and the management of registrations and assessments relating to the course through the Web Portal.


1 February 2018