Performance evaluation

Performance evaluation

Evaluation of individual performance and organizational performance in a single flexible and multi-layered process.

Evaluation forms as a basic tool to activate the process and can be business or standard (preloaded in G.U.R.U.). In both modes it is possible to customize the form defining the sections and, for each section, the factors that compose it.

Thanks to the personalized forms it is possible to create organizational, team and individual objectives, also according to the different roles held within the organization: the parameters, in fact, allow to define calculation rules and ranges of values ​​within which to identify the achievement of specific objectives.


The process can be:
• Multi-phase (self-assessment, evaluation, interview)
• Multi-detection (with multiple detection in the evaluation cycle)
• Multilevel (personal, structural, business objectives, etc.).
The ability to perform mid-term evaluations during the year allows everyone to monitor their objectives and the Company to constantly monitor the overall results.
The data collected by the evaluation system are integrated and used by the MBO system and the gap analysis function.
The data can be sent to the payroll system for the valorisation of the prizes in the result pay according to predefined company criteria


29 January 2018