Health & Safety

Health & Safety

It coordinates all the information related to the management of the safety and health of the resources, also in relation to the respective tasks and work stations.
Through a list of dictionaries, it is possible to upload all the information that will be used in the management of this module to the system.
It is possible to create the “Workstations” and define the assigned positions, the machinery used, the working tools, the associated risks, for each risk you can associate the protection devices, the medical visits and the necessary vaccinations (with the relative recall frequencies). Finally, the training and mandatory information can be defined for the workstation.
Once the stations have been configured, the system, based on the position held by each employee, is able to provide the user with a dashboard showing the list of devices, medical examinations, vaccinations indicating which expired, which have not been carried out, moreover from this dashboard it is possible to detect any accidents and occupational diseases.
The Security module allows, through a schedule, to search for the deadlines for certifications of machinery, safety devices, medical examinations and vaccinations at company level.
Finally, it is possible to extract statistics on accidents and occupational diseases for a certain period.


29 January 2018