Unified Human Resources Management

GURU. Is born from the great passion and attention to the person and is designed for all those organizations that consider fundamental the human contribution for their growth and the achievement of their goals.
Knowledge, skills, individual stories, motivations and relational dynamics are enhanced in a software created for the growth and involvement of people around the company objectives.
GURU. is an H.R.M.S. (Human Resource Management System), a system of human resources management and organizational development able to integrate the activities of the Human Resources department with technology.

GURU. it is multi-company and multilingual (ita-ing-ted-esp) for the needs of groups and multinationals.
Built and customized to the needs of users, allows differentiated operations depending on the company roles. Each profile corresponds to different functions and operating possibilities that can be customized according to needs.
The team of G.U.R.U. actively works on the development of the product to make it constantly updated to the needs of the market, a professional, prepared and versatile team.

GURU. implements a flexible and efficiency-oriented Human Resources Management process based on the principles of quality, uniqueness and timeliness of the data.
Available in various commercial solutions, G.U.R.U. has a modular structure to adapt to the needs of companies of all sectors and sizes.