A flexible and efficient Human Resources Management process that follows the principles of quality, uniqueness and timeliness of the data.

Designed and implemented with particular attention on cooperation and exchange of information with other systems.

Ready to integrate with other existing information systems such as payroll, attendance / absence, ERP…

Available in different commercial solutions, G.u.r.u. has a modular structure to best meet the needs of companies in all sectors and sizes.


A flexible and multi-articulated process to assess individual and organizational performance.

EVALUATION forms based on business needs for a process composed of different surveys or levels.

Data integrated and used by by the gap-analysis function.

Data sent to the payroll system for the valorisation of the result bonuses.

Organizational manual

Organizational Configurator, Organizational Dictionary, Organization Chart and Functional Chart: tools to represent and analyze all the different facets of the Organization.


Management of applications through a process divided into: search positions, candidate data, search by profiles and by candidates.

Data Analisys

Multidimensional and multi parametric analysis.

Importing data from external systems and interfaced with those present in G.U.R.U (Analysis of salary data, Analysis of Presence Data).


Enhance all information related to the “person” (Traditional data, experiences, subjective data).


Integrated management of training activities from the detection of needs, up to the reporting and update of the personal records.

Manages ECM credits.


Analysis of company positions through Gap Analisys, Training Needs, Succession Plans.

Quick and precise definition of career paths and individual improvement plans.

Healty & Safety

All information related to the management of safety and health of resources, also in relation to their respective duties and work stations.

Schedules for the various requirements, reporting and statistics on accidents and occupational diseases.